Irrigation and Reticulation products from Maximus

  • A quality range of automatic irrigation and water reticulation equipment for commercial and domestic use is available from Maximus, drip irrigation, micro sprays, gear drive sprinklers and all of the fittings to make your irrigation system function effectively.
  • We offer one stop shopping for all your turf, garden, sports and micro irrigation needs, delivering he most suitable products from the leading irrigation product manufacturers to suit you.

Whether you need a controller, a pipe, sprinklers or a full micro system, Maximus has the irrigation supplies to meet your needs. We offer an extensive inventory to our customers so they can pick the options that work for them. Instead of searching multiple companies for parts, find all the water saving irrigation supplies including pumps that you need in one place.

Under one Roof

MAXIMUS is the first hoses, valves and fittings brand in Australia integrating industrial, hydraulic, pumps and irrigation products and services in one easy to find location. Our supply partners also provide mechanical, installation and repair services and mobile field service support.

Experience and Innovation

The Maximus Team have developed supply relationships with high quality and reliable manufactures of irrigation and reticulation products. Constant innovation and development provides us at Maximus with economical water saving solutions for your irrigation needs.

Make Procurement Easy

At Maximus, we believe that our one stop trade centre can save you considerable time, slashing your costs to procure your needs across a wide range of products. Our irrigation, pumps and hoses and fittings suppliers provide superior service and support.

Irrigation Design

Maximus offers an easy to follow guide to DIY irrigation projects from small to large scale installation.  With the guide, you can plan and measure the area you are looking to irrigate, flow test the water supply you are using, select the right product for the application and follow the installation instructions for a highly efficient water management solution.
Our contacts also provide us with support to design and install any irrigation or reticulation system anywhere.

Maximus is your one stop shop for all of your irrigation and pumping needs.

To find out more about our products and services, call us on (02) 4010 1963 or send an email to We can help you design your garden or commercial irrigation project for real water saving solutions.